Julian J. Schrader


Julian J. Schrader

First time around? Let me introduce myself.

"Don’t worry about what people think. They don’t do it very often."
— Unknown
"What you don’t do determines what you can do."
— Tim Ferriss
"Nothing will work unless you do."
— Maya Angelou
"Go for progress, not perfection."
— Marie Forleo

Book Review: Emergency by Neil Strauss

I have read three quarters of Neil Strauss’s latest book on a flight recently, and promptly swallowed the rest shortly afterwards.   I liked it a lot, because it appeals to different personas inside of myself, the reader: First of all, reading a book called “Emergency”, of course there’s the survivalist: Amongst other things, Neil [...]

"Everytime I hit my edge, it just moves."
— Monaica Ledell
"Start every morning off with a personal success ritual."
— Eben Pagan
"I never thought about buying a book. I buy it."
— Ryan Holiday

Morning Routine? Yes, and relax.

I like to get up early and follow a pretty strict morning routine. I prefer autopilot over making a ton of little decisions in the morning. When I settled in to a specific routine and began to change it less and less, I started skipping over the latest MyMorningRoutine.com interviews in my inbox, and finally unsubscribed. I felt like I [...]


Book Giveaway: The Magic of Thinking Big

Though it had been recommended to me many times throughout the years, a book with a woo-woo title and even “Magic” in it, did not sound like the book I wanted to trust. I finally caved in, and read “The Magic of Thinking Big”. And boy was it worth it! If you’re like me, you’re thinking “yeah right, everybody knows you need to think big” [...]