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  • Book Review: Emergency by Neil Strauss

    I have read three quarters of Neil Strauss’s latest book on a flight recently, and promptly swallowed the rest shortly afterwards.

  • Morning Routine? Yes, and relax.

    I like to get up early and follow a pretty strict morning routine. I prefer autopilot over making a ton of little decisions in the morning.

  • Book Giveaway: The Magic of Thinking Big

    Though it had been recommended to me many times throughout the years, a book with a woo-woo title and even “Magic” in it, did not sound like the book I wanted to trust. I finally caved in, and read “The Magic of Thinking Big”. And boy was it worth it!

  • Prioritology

    A primer on how to act on priority.

  • Recognize and Prevent Failures by Design

    A notification pops up, I tap “complete”, set out to do it after the current task is done, and forget about it. Sounds familiar?

  • Eggs in a Mug

    I’ve always been a fan of having bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, but found the preparation involved quite tedious and time-consuming. In early April I came across a recipe that got me curious.

  • Fitness

    Gear: Running in the Winter

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