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Julian J. Schrader

I'm a digital consultant and make complex things simple: I help businesses take advantage of automation, so people can do more meaningful things with their time.

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Install Custom Fonts on iPad and iPhone

I recently tried to open a new sales presentation I was working on for SOPHISTICATES in Keynote on my iPad Pro. Just like I remembered it from an eternity ago, it told me that it had to replace our corporate font (The Sans) with a more generic font. Yes, we’re actually using a font that’s not readily available. But I [...]


Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

Anne Lamott, American author and poet

Producing > Consuming.

It’s easy to feel productive when you’re consuming productivity advice. Or “productivity porn”, as I call it these days. It’s easy to feel entertained when you’re consuming the latest TV show. It’s easy to feel smart when you’re reading what a great mind wrote.1 Reading, after a certain age, diverts [...]


One subscription for a bunch of apps

While checking out the writing app Ulysses recently, I stumbled across Setapp, a subscription service for Mac apps. It gives you access to a big bundle of fully licensed apps you don’t have to buy/subscribe to anymore. Since Ulysses alone costs about half the 10$/month I’d pay for the whole Setapp offering, I decided to try [...]