Julian J. Schrader




Designer of Habits and Systems. Entrepreneur and Digital Transformation Consultant. Effectiveness buff and student of human psychology. Comments, questions? Say hi@jjs.de!

"You don’t control what happens to you. But you do control how you respond."
— Unknown
"One day you’re gonna run out of one days."
— Unknown
"This world is full of idiots distributed strategically so you can meet at least one per day."
— Paulo Coelho

Sell your great idea!

Many (would-be) entrepreneurs approach me to ask for help implementing their idea. They already went too far. “What do you think people would be willing to pay for this? I think I should charge 100€ per month.” – and, without skipping a beat, they add “So as soon as I sold 40 subscriptions, I can quit my day job and work on it [...]

"Information not converted to action is worthless."
— Tony Robbins
"Your work is either remarkable or forgettable."
— Jay Abraham
"Don’t believe everything you think."
— BJ Miller
"If you aim big enough, it’s very hard to fail completely."
— Larry Page

Treat your head right.

The new year has begun, and whether or not you set new year’s resolutions or are continuously improving your plans, one thing is for sure: A calm mind thinketh better! Something that helps me a lot to stay calm and keep focused is meditation. After trying different techniques on and off for years, I settled into using an app called [...]

"Elimination is a prerequisite for focus."
— James Clear