Julian J. Schrader


Treat your head right.


The new year has begun, and whether or not you set new year’s resolutions or are continuously improving your plans, one thing is for sure: A calm mind thinketh better!

Something that helps me a lot to stay calm and keep focused is meditation. After trying different techniques on and off for years, I settled into using an app called Headspace for my daily practise, and crossed 5.000 minutes of guided meditation in December.

I also had a run streak for 30+ days for the first time, which is rewarded by Headspace with a free gift code—for you:

Click this code to get one month of Headspace for free: REW30-7T5TJI

Also, if you clicked and the code is already taken: Sign up anyway and begin treating your head right using their free “Take Ten” program to start.

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