Julian J. Schrader




I spend the majority of my time doing deep work and value my focus. This is not compatible with modern society’s interruption culture, which is why I disable most notifications on my watch/phone/computer and keep them silent most of the time.

Importance and Urgency

Please take a second to think about the best suited channel for contacting me:

  1. Important and urgent: Call me. If I don’t answer, call again and leave me a voice mail or text me. I don’t return calls unless you ask me to do so.
  2. Importantnot urgent: Email me. As long as your email is not identified as spam, this is the sure-fire way to reach me. I’m practising Inbox Zero almost daily and will usually reply within 1–3 days.
  3. Urgentnot important: Text me and make sure to include your deadline for a useful response. I’ll either have read and replied by that time, or drop the ball.
  4. Neither important, nor urgent: C’mon.

I believe close contact is beneficial compared to light touches. If we can make it work, I’m happy to jump on a short call to discuss a matter. It enables us to use the time available to work deeply on the important things instead of sending messages back and forth for days without any measurable result.

Channels of Communication

I currently use the following ways to communicate over distances (most to least preferred):

Channels I rarely use:

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