Julian J. Schrader



Würzburg’s Best Startups 2021 (Announcement)

Gründen@Würzburg and Wirtschaftsjunioren Würzburg nominated three startups each to be elected Global Hero 2021 and Local Hero 2021 – Würzburg’s best startups in 2021. To choose the winners, we need your help: Alongside the top-class jury, the online audience holds 50% of the votes. Mark your calendar and watch the live-stream on [...]


Stop stupid digital automations!

German web magazine BasicThinking published my article about the damage stupid automations do and what you can do to digitise and automate more prudently in your enterprise. Check it out over there (German language proficiency required): Dumme Digitalisierung erkennen: So setzt du deine Ressourcen richtig ein


Sell your great idea!

Many (would-be) entrepreneurs approach me to ask for help implementing their idea. They already went too far. “What do you think people would be willing to pay for this? I think I should charge 100€ per month.” – and, without skipping a beat, they add “So as soon as I sold 40 subscriptions, I can quit my day job and work on it [...]