Julian J. Schrader



Treat your head right.

The new year has begun, and whether or not you set new year’s resolutions or are continuously improving your plans, one thing is for sure: A calm mind thinketh better! Something that helps me a lot to stay calm and keep focused is meditation. After trying different techniques on and off for years, I settled into using an app called [...]


Morning Routine? Yes, and relax.

I like to get up early and follow a pretty strict morning routine. I prefer autopilot over making a ton of little decisions in the morning. When I settled in to a specific routine and began to change it less and less, I started skipping over the latest MyMorningRoutine.com interviews in my inbox, and finally unsubscribed. I felt like I [...]



A primer on how to act on priority. There aren’t many different priorities, since priority is binary. Something either is (high) priority or not a priority. As soon as that’s understood, acting on prioritized tasks becomes easy: HIGH → Let’s do it. ASAP. Medium → Next time. If there’s time. Low → 🗑 And as hard as it feels, take those low [...]


Recognize and Prevent Failures by Design

A notification pops up, I tap “complete”, set out to do it after the current task is done, and forget about it. Sounds familiar? If I’m lucky, I remember to do my task later. But usually by then it’s too late. I didn’t put the task on my todo-list and set up the reminder instead, because it was time-sensitive. This is a failure by [...]


GründerTalk: Wahnsinniger Fokus! [DE]

Note: Attorney at Law Carsten Lexa, LL.M. interviewed me on GründerTalk, a startup and founders show in German language. Therefore this post is in German as well, sorry! Rechtsanwalt Carsten Lexa, LL.M. hat mich für die Show GründerTalk der Initiative Gründen@Würzburg vor die Kamera gebeten, um von meinen Erfahrungen aus den ersten vier [...]

"All great things have small beginnings."
— Peter Senge

The Power of Starting Small

For a couple of months now, we start every project at Sophisticates using what we call an “MVP workshop”. Many clients come to us with their vision of a custom software, but not a specific plan of what exactly it is they need. So the first thing we do is figure out which features we really need to build in order to create a useful [...]


Challenge Your Assumptions!

The other day I took my bike in to get a flat tire fixed. The air would always stay in there at 5.5bar for my usual 30 minutes ride, but after letting the bike sit in the garage over night, the pressure would be gone. I assumed the valve was broken, and I told the repair guy when I handed over the bike. He changed the tire, I paid for [...]


Predictions Are Difficult

Running businesses means to try and predict a lot every day. Which actually is impossible, because there’s never enough information about the things we need to decide. Often because we cannot afford the time or money required to gather more information. All we can do on a regular basis is guesstimate. We need to get comfortable using the [...]