Julian J. Schrader


The Power of Starting Small


For a couple of months now, we start every project at Sophisticates using what we call an “MVP workshop”.

Many clients come to us with their vision of a custom software, but not a specific plan of what exactly it is they need.

So the first thing we do is figure out which features we really need to build in order to create a useful product.

The first version of a product is often referred to as a Minimum Viable Product (or MVP) and it usually has just the core features that make it work.

– Start small: In search of the minimum viable product

After the MVP workshop, we know precisely what to do and why—so we set out to build this first version for a fixed price. Working this way also helps the client and ourselves to get to know each other before the stakes are too high. And afterwards we can continue iterating on the product in agile fashion.

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